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Towards Understanding and Healing is an organisation that recognizes individual experience in the context of the larger story of conflict in Northern Ireland. Towards Understanding and Healing offers a safe space for people to begin to articulate personal stories and also to listen to other stories, or “truths,” in a way that does not diminish their own experience. Because of Northern Ireland’s diverse history and culture, no one person can tell the story of the past thirty years. This project emphasizes the need to bring together all of the disparate narratives that comprise the story of Northern Ireland in order to better understand the effects of the past and the potential of the future.

Project Aims:

  • To facilitate the coming together of individuals from diverse groups to tell and hear stories in a safe environment.

  • To facilitate a dialogue that allows people to speak fully and be listened to whilst creating opportunities for the exploration of each other's ideology, perceptions, attitudes, and sense of history.

  • To develop strategies that enable individuals to access further support structures that allow them to move forward.

  • To maintain ongoing links and create new links as ways of sharing ideas, models, and structures at local, national, and international levels, and to continually learn from other people's post-conflict experience.

  • To build the capacity and sustainability of the organisation.


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  • 2007: TUH is on hiatus. Check back in June for news






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